Aloha! ‘Ia orana! Kia Ora! Talofa!

A Hawaiian Holiday Polynesian Dance and Drumming Group is based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We will share the spirit of aloha through our hula dance, and give you a glimpse into the rich culture of Polynesia with our exhilarating Tahitian drumming and Maori dances.

Experience the sights, sounds and sensations of Polynesia… no passport required!


Make your event or luau memorable with some live Polynesian entertainment. We will take you and your guests on a tour of Polynesia… no passport required!


Escape to the Polynesian islands with us every week and study Hawaiian hula, Tahitian and Maori dances. We have classes for all abilities.

About Us

A Hawaiian Holiday has been entertaining audiences for over 20 years!

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Often people are surprised to find out there is hula dancing in our wintery climate. But we get to escape to the tropical islands of