Tracy “Kelika” Thorne

Artistic Director

Under the direction of Tracy “Kelika” Thorne, A Hawaiian Holiday has been entertaining audiences in Edmonton, Alberta and Western Canada for over 20 years. The award-winning dancers have trained and performed in Hawaii and at various locations on the mainland.

Tracy has had a passion for the Polynesian culture since she was a child. Her respect for the culture is evident in her authentic choreography, costume and music.

She has been a guest performer at Germaine’s Luau in Hawaii, adjudicator at the Festival Polynesia/Pacific Rim Dance Competition and was the owner of Dance Works of Edmonton dance studio.

Tracy and her dancers have trained with a great number of Kumu Hula (Master Teachers) including Vancouver’s Paul “Tavai” Latta, Chinky Mahoe, Polynesian Culture Center’s Keith Awai and Samoan Director Pulefano Galea’i.


At Hawaiian Holiday, we are Polynesian-at-heart, and are very passionate about perpetuating the Hawaiian and Polynesian cultures. We work hard to make sure our halau is portraying authentic dances with the utmost respect. We learn about the mele (song), the history, the culture and the meaning behind the dances. Cultural dances aren’t just doing dance steps, they are about telling stories and sharing the culture.